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Weekly POPcast #63, Showing Some LabelLove

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The crowd at the ball game
is moved uniformly
by a spirit of uselessness
which delights them—
all the exciting detail
of the chase
and the escape, the error
(William Carlos Williams, “The Crowd at the Ball Game”)

Nearly a week has gone by since the England riots. Living in a third-world country where authority often amounts to a joke, we have many a time had our own casual brush with mob mentality and mindless chaos. And it’s never pretty; it’s opportunistic and selfish, with no pretense of nobility. Our thoughts go to everyone affected in any way by the riots – stay safe and wish you all the best for the recovery.

PIAS warehouse up in flame

The PIAS distribution warehouse in London, which housed countless copies of CDs and vinyls from more than 120 independent labels, was burned down to the ground in the riots – leaving these labels with massive financial loss. For some of the smaller labels, this might even mean closing down.

Still, not all hope is lost. Only a few hours after the news spread, support started pouring in – from the media, bloggers, music fans and musicians of all genres – all of whom were moved by these labels’ plight and tried to help out in any way they could.

Outerbeat’s August 10th edition was dedicated to showing some love to the affected labels. We played artists released by five amongst the hundreds of PIAS-distributed labels, namely 4AD, Rough Trade, Sub Pop, Matador, and One Little Indian.

Below are links to the podcast of the show as well as some related links. If you like what you hear (which you will ;D),  consider heading to the labels’ websites and purchasing the digital download. Even if you don’t (which makes no sense, as you are reading this blog), give the other labels a try. Scoot!

POPcast #LabelLove by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

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Weekly POPcast #36, Late 2010 / Early 2011 Releases

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Slow Down Tallahassee

There goes my blood
Funny how it leaves me
And quickly slides away…

Hello everyone. January’s gone already! Seems that time flies, so why not check out some of the new (and somewhat new) releases of the past few months?

In this episode we played, in no particular order: Those Dancing Days, who will release their second full album Daydreams and Nightmares in March; Patterns, who just released the New Noise EP (currently a free download) on the zine-cum-netlabel Pull Yourself Together; Sometimes Always, a Jakarta, Indonesia-based one-man project whose warm, fuzzy single was just released on Eardrumspop; Yuck and Bearsuit, whose tracks were included in the Dandelion Radio’s 2010 Festive Fifty.

Above is the picture of Slow Down Tallahassee, whose song “Knees as Sweet as These” was played in this episode and could also be found in their upcoming posthumous album Curly Cuh. We are definitely saddened by the band’s decision to split up, but if it’s any consolation, Claire from Slow Down Tallahassee has revealed that she is now in a band called the Nature Set and they’re about to release a single on Elefant singles club.

We also played tracks from the supergroup Cinema Red and Blue (with members from Comet Gain, The Ladybug Transistor, the Set Aislers, etc, etc), Indonesian shoegazers Sarin, Jens Lekman, and The Darling Buds (not so recent – this one’s from a Peel session about 24 years ago ;D).

Take care and see you next Wednesday. 🙂

Popcast #36 | Slow Down Tallahassee, Yuck, Bearsuit Etc by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Weekly POPcast #19, The Lucksmiths’ farewell single and other new releases

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“After 16 years The Lucksmiths called it a day last year and this 7″ single is their posthumous farewell.

Get-To-Bed Birds is the last song Marty Donald wrote for the band and for those with their eye on the ball they would have noted this track was previously released on The Matinée Grand Prix earlier this year.  However it’s worthy of a release on glorious vinyl such is it’s jangling charms and that oh so classic Lucksmiths sound which will be undoubtedly missed.” indie-mp3

This is our 19th transmission from Eltira 102.1 FM, transmitted on October 6th 2010. As our usual first week playlist, we played new release singles around the globe. This time we played The Lucksmiths‘ Get-to-Bed Birds, The Radio Dept‘s New Improved Hypocrisy, Bubblegum Lemonade‘s I Read in Heat She’s Wearing Meat and also a number of new singles from The Raveonettes, Amnesiac Syndrome, Twisterella, The Hope Slide, For Ex-Lovers Only and Belle and Sebastian respectively.

Just click the link below to listen to the podcast!

Popcast #19, Indiepop New Singles by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Weekly POPcast #15 and introduction to the new site

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Hurrah! We’ve just escaped from our previous host because it said it’s closing, how poor! After we did a little survey we thought this new home suits us best, so… voila!

In case you don’t know what this all is about yet (which we think you don’t), we’re going to give you a brief introduction.

Outerbeat is the one and only radio program in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, that features indiepop, C86, post-punk, dreampop, shoegaze, 60’s girl groups and such, local and global variety. We’re now, in conjunction with a local commercial radio called Eltira, transmitting our show every Wednesday night on 102.1 FM for only an hour. Each shows is recorded and posted as a podcast in the following days. Here’s one.

This podcast was recorded during our transmission on September 8th 2010. We played the likes of The Hit Parade, The Arrogants, The Cherry Orchard, BMX Bandits, Bangkutaman, PopsicleAnnemarie, Another Sunny Day (request), and Belle And Sebastian respectively.

Just proceed the blue link below and press the play button! You can still listen to our previous podcasts (1-14) on our previous blog before September 30.

Popcast #15 by Outerbeat on Mixcloud