The Team


Japra, born 1988, announcer. He loves The Smiths, Planetbumi and Close Lobster. He’s also one of the editors of Lightning Sheets, a photocopied indiepop fanzine.


Eka, born 1987, producer.  She loves Amelia Fletcher’s bands (Heavenly, Talulah Gosh, Marine Research, Tender Trap). She also works for local DIY label, Rise And Shine, and the bassist-vocalist of Brilliant at Breakfast.


Ark, born 1984, program director. He loves The Field Mice, Blossom Diary and Blueboy. He’s also one of the founding members of a collective label, Paperplane Records.


Harrys, born 1987, producer. He loves Another Sunny Day, Annemarie, The Primitives,The Free Design  and Trembing Blue Stars.

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