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Weekly POPcast #17: Lipstik Lipsing live session

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Just like a four leave clover, it’s hard to find but lucky to have, they say. Fourth Wednesday is also a lucky day for both us and our listeners everywhere, ’cause we give you a live performance from local decent (we think) new emerging bands.

This time we had Lipstik Lipsing, 5 pieces dreamy pop act hailing from Semarang, the capitol of Central Java. Formed in early 2008, they have released a debut 6 tracks EP called ‘Room For Outside‘ a year later on July 2009 in DIY ethic. The highly acclaimed debut EP has received many positive responses around the country so far.

They played two special acoustic version of Suburban Love and Puertorico. And we also played some bands which the band consider as big influences like The Radio Dept and M83.

We also played an upcoming single from the debut album of The Hi-Life Companion, a powerpop-ish act hailing from Bristol. They will release a debut album with respectable Peruvian DIY label, Plastilina Records, late of this year.

In case you were failing to listen to our show lively, just click the podcast below.

Popcast #17 Feat. Lipstik Lipsing by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Stellarium’s Self-Titled album review

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This review is contributed by Azam Wijaya Raharjo from Paraparanoid and Astro-Apache.

It was 1 year ago, if I’m not mistaken, was the first time I know this Singapore-based band (although rumour said that some of the members are from Indonesia). I accidentally found them in the internet. I checked their Myspace and listened to their music. It was~~ noisy and fuzzy. At that time, I’m not that interested in ‘fuzzy’-kind of shoegaze, I was a ‘reverb’ shoegaze listener. (Besides, the sound quality from Myspace music is not that good–in my opinion.)

But my musical taste changes then.

And recently, Stellarium released their Self-Titled LP. I got the (official) samples from my friend. Then, when I listened to it, it was like ‘HOLY CRAP! This is awe-sa-some!’. This album is so cool!

The opening track is called ‘Any Day is Fine‘. A nice opening track. Lazy but cool. Somehow it reminds me to one of Mark Gardner (Ride) collaborations with Meister. Most of the songs are energetic (but lazy as well. lol), but there’s a nice downtempo track, ‘The Grass is Greener‘–full of Wall of Sounds of WIN.

My favourite songs are ‘Chocolate & Strawberry‘ (which reminds me to MBV‘s ‘You Made Me Realise‘)–it’s so cool, especially the bassline, ‘Fader‘ (I think this was the first song that I listened a year ago), ‘Paddle Pop‘–female vocal yay!, and ‘Dead Nebula‘ (!!!)

Somehow their songs reminds me to The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, A Place to Bury Strangers, Coaltar of the Deepers—mixed together.

Most of the songs in this album offers a nice wall of sound sensation coupled with fuzzes, spacey sounds, feedbacks, and white noises plus exploding basslines and drums (not to mention that the lazy vocal is also cool). This is not the usual shoegaze that I know: It’s a real celebration and experimentation of sounds!

Play it loud and headbang!

We invite you to write your own review and send it to us! We might be interested to publish your review here.

Weekly POPcast #16 and a new album by Stellarium

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Hello there, and back again! (no no this is not our last post, if you know what we mean)

After we did some experiments to make our podcast streamable (without necessarily downloading it), we found this Mixcloud that provides their users with no time and size limits! Woo!

So back to the topic. Around last week our friend from Singapore, Stellarium, has just released their debut self-titled full length . If you haven’t heard about them yet, then you should. They play decent fuzzy shoegazing music and currently the best in South East Asia so far. They will also release a split LP with US based shoegazer Ceremony. According to their page, Stellarium’s album was also released under US label Custom Made Music, home of great shoegazing acts like Ringo Deathstarr, Screen Vinyl Image and also Ceremony. We will post a review about the album soon so we don’t have to tell you everything right now. Just keep updated!

And another great info about them is that you can taste the album first before you decide to buy it. Just go directly to their bandcamp site.

This podcast was recorded during our transmission from Eltira 102.1 FM on September 15. We deeply apologize that we had a power cut in the whole district that night. Unfortunately we shared the generator set with other building that was temporarily closed at that time. So this show was not finished yet actually.  But thanks God we still could play most of our playlist like Stellarium, Pipas, the Sarah’s 036 Sweetest Ache, Fat Tulips, the old amazing local twee act Blossom Diary, Cats On Fire and our next guest Lipstik Lipsing from Semarang. Hope it won’t hinder you enjoying the podcast. We promise this embarrassing accident won’t happen again!

Pop!Cast #16 by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Weekly POPcast #15 and introduction to the new site

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Hurrah! We’ve just escaped from our previous host because it said it’s closing, how poor! After we did a little survey we thought this new home suits us best, so… voila!

In case you don’t know what this all is about yet (which we think you don’t), we’re going to give you a brief introduction.

Outerbeat is the one and only radio program in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, that features indiepop, C86, post-punk, dreampop, shoegaze, 60’s girl groups and such, local and global variety. We’re now, in conjunction with a local commercial radio called Eltira, transmitting our show every Wednesday night on 102.1 FM for only an hour. Each shows is recorded and posted as a podcast in the following days. Here’s one.

This podcast was recorded during our transmission on September 8th 2010. We played the likes of The Hit Parade, The Arrogants, The Cherry Orchard, BMX Bandits, Bangkutaman, PopsicleAnnemarie, Another Sunny Day (request), and Belle And Sebastian respectively.

Just proceed the blue link below and press the play button! You can still listen to our previous podcasts (1-14) on our previous blog before September 30.

Popcast #15 by Outerbeat on Mixcloud