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Weekly POPcast #21

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Hello !

First, we would like to say thank you very much to everybody who came to Outerbeat On Stage #1 last week. It was fantastic to meet you all! And also to the organizer, the sponsors, the venue and of course the bands: Lazy Room, Angina, Nervous, Paraparanoid and our special guest who made it all the way from Semarang, Lipstik Lipsing. You guys are great! Hope there will be a sequel!

This podcast was recorded during our show on October 20, a day after the gig. Both our DJs, Japra and Velista shared lots of stories from the night before. But little did we know, that night was Velista’s last show for Outerbeat. It was so sad for us all that on the following day she told us if she’s no longer working for Eltira FM. Who shall accompany Japra for the next Wednesday? Let’s wait and see.

So this is the podcast. We played a new single from The Hardy Boys, who just came back with an EP called Under The Picadilly Clock with Bubblegum Records. Some new and old songs then are following such from The Vaselines, The June Brides, Sportique, The Shining Hour and others (just proceed the link!).

Popcast #21 > The Vaselines, Another Sunny Day, The Shining Hour Etc by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Weekly POPcast #20, this love is as good as any other, isn’t it?

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Why is it that this love we have upsets them?
Why is it that they find this love upsetting?
This love is as good as any other
Says one woman to another
This love is not wrong
Not wrong

The Field Mice – This Love Is Not Wrong

This time we played pop songs that are bringing the issue of same-sex love, as implied in its lyrics or its music video. The idea of this show started when we heard a story of how our friend was treated unfairly because she’s ‘different’ from the others. Emphasize that we just want to show our solidarity as human being with the right to live, instead of saying what is right and what is wrong. We think there are many ways to defend our beliefs, not necessarily using violence and anarchism, right?

Among those with the theme, we played Acid House Kings‘ Say Yes If You Love Me (see the video), The Field Mice‘s This Love Is Not Wrong (“says one woman to another“), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart‘s This Love is F*cking Right (obvious from the video), Jens Lekman‘s A Postcard to Nina (“Nina, I can be your boyfriend so you can stay with your girlfriend“),  The Hidden Cameras‘ Ban Marriage (“…met my angel in a suit with a smile, and as I looked him in the eye…”), The Magnetic Fields‘ Long-Forgotten Fairytale (“there’s an old enchanted castle and the princess there is me“) till The Stone Roses‘ Sally Cinnamon (“you’re her world”). And we also played two local acts that will play on Outerbeat on Stage next Tuesday, Lazy Room and Angina.

Popcast#20 by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Weekly POPcast #19, The Lucksmiths’ farewell single and other new releases

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“After 16 years The Lucksmiths called it a day last year and this 7″ single is their posthumous farewell.

Get-To-Bed Birds is the last song Marty Donald wrote for the band and for those with their eye on the ball they would have noted this track was previously released on The Matinée Grand Prix earlier this year.  However it’s worthy of a release on glorious vinyl such is it’s jangling charms and that oh so classic Lucksmiths sound which will be undoubtedly missed.” indie-mp3

This is our 19th transmission from Eltira 102.1 FM, transmitted on October 6th 2010. As our usual first week playlist, we played new release singles around the globe. This time we played The Lucksmiths‘ Get-to-Bed Birds, The Radio Dept‘s New Improved Hypocrisy, Bubblegum Lemonade‘s I Read in Heat She’s Wearing Meat and also a number of new singles from The Raveonettes, Amnesiac Syndrome, Twisterella, The Hope Slide, For Ex-Lovers Only and Belle and Sebastian respectively.

Just click the link below to listen to the podcast!

Popcast #19, Indiepop New Singles by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Outerbeat On Stage #1

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Hurrah! Finally we can make an off air show, something that we have been planning from the very beginning of our first transmission. A lot of thanks to BOSHE VVIP Club who have been very kind to let us organize a gig there. So this is the promo design of the gig.

Will play: Lipstik Lipsing, a dreampop act from Semarang who recently played acoustic live on our show; Nervous, a veteran indierock act from Blossom Records; Angina, a local post-rock act with their new line up; Lazy Room, a new shoegazing act who is currently working for their debut release; and Paraparanoid, an interesting fictional duo who play dreamy pop with Japanese language.

The show will be held on Tuesday, October 19 2010, at BOSHE VVIP Club, JL. Magelang KM 6,5 Yogyakarta. Everyone is expected to come!

Weekly POPcast #18, Ian Broudie-related songs

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay in posting this podcast. Last 2 weekends we went to Jakarta to attend The Lightning Seeds‘ gig at Senayan. It was great to finally watched them live! Ian Broudie of The Lightning Seeds is also best known as a producer of many indie bands since the 80’s, besides as a performer in Care, Big in Japan and of course the famous Lightning Seeds.

That’s where the idea came up. We played songs that are produced by him like Popinjays, The Pale Fountains, The Wedding Present, The Bodines and songs that are performed by him like Care and The Lightning Seeds. And we also put two local songs that pretty much influenced by Broudie’s works.

The podcast was recorded during our show on September 29th, prior to the Lightning Seeds gig.

Pop!Cast#18 by Outerbeat on Mixcloud