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Weekly POPcast #36, Late 2010 / Early 2011 Releases

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Slow Down Tallahassee

There goes my blood
Funny how it leaves me
And quickly slides away…

Hello everyone. January’s gone already! Seems that time flies, so why not check out some of the new (and somewhat new) releases of the past few months?

In this episode we played, in no particular order: Those Dancing Days, who will release their second full album Daydreams and Nightmares in March; Patterns, who just released the New Noise EP (currently a free download) on the zine-cum-netlabel Pull Yourself Together; Sometimes Always, a Jakarta, Indonesia-based one-man project whose warm, fuzzy single was just released on Eardrumspop; Yuck and Bearsuit, whose tracks were included in the Dandelion Radio’s 2010 Festive Fifty.

Above is the picture of Slow Down Tallahassee, whose song “Knees as Sweet as These” was played in this episode and could also be found in their upcoming posthumous album Curly Cuh. We are definitely saddened by the band’s decision to split up, but if it’s any consolation, Claire from Slow Down Tallahassee has revealed that she is now in a band called the Nature Set and they’re about to release a single on Elefant singles club.

We also played tracks from the supergroup Cinema Red and Blue (with members from Comet Gain, The Ladybug Transistor, the Set Aislers, etc, etc), Indonesian shoegazers Sarin, Jens Lekman, and The Darling Buds (not so recent – this one’s from a Peel session about 24 years ago ;D).

Take care and see you next Wednesday. 🙂

Popcast #36 | Slow Down Tallahassee, Yuck, Bearsuit Etc by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Weekly POPcast #35, Answer Sheet live session

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Answer Sheet live Outerbeat session

Answer Sheet on Outerbeat

“Aloha” is Hawaiian for “hello”. And ukuleles are nifty 4-stringed instruments from Hawaii. We haven’t managed to get hold of any Hawaiian pop band as yet, but we did get hold of Yogyakarta’s new uke-toting wonder Answer Sheet in the studio for the regular fourth-week live performance session.

The group consists of two high school seniors, Wafiq Giotama and Mas Gilang Karebet, who both share vocal duties and play the uke. They have released a digital single on the SEA Indie net label which is available as a free download. In fact, it was Tan from SEA Indie, all the way from Thailand, who first told us about these guys! That’s the cyberspace for you, mates.

Their self-titled single had 4 songs, which were recorded in different rooms at their home (one song was recorded in the living room and had the sound of Rebet’s brother washing the dishes). We also discussed some of their musical influence as well as other bands that have incorporated the ukulele into their songs, such as Beirut, Jens Lekman, Allo Darlin, and Billie the Vision and the Dancers. The interview was one of the liveliest, on account of the tweets and text messages pouring in from their friends (they seem to have a considerable fanbase already).

The guys played 2 of their songs live, which had a pleasantly soothing tropical air to them. We all enjoyed the performance thoroughly – and you should, too. We have put up the podcast for you to download. Mahalo!

Popcast #35 > Answer Sheet Live Session by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Weekly POPcast #20, this love is as good as any other, isn’t it?

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Why is it that this love we have upsets them?
Why is it that they find this love upsetting?
This love is as good as any other
Says one woman to another
This love is not wrong
Not wrong

The Field Mice – This Love Is Not Wrong

This time we played pop songs that are bringing the issue of same-sex love, as implied in its lyrics or its music video. The idea of this show started when we heard a story of how our friend was treated unfairly because she’s ‘different’ from the others. Emphasize that we just want to show our solidarity as human being with the right to live, instead of saying what is right and what is wrong. We think there are many ways to defend our beliefs, not necessarily using violence and anarchism, right?

Among those with the theme, we played Acid House Kings‘ Say Yes If You Love Me (see the video), The Field Mice‘s This Love Is Not Wrong (“says one woman to another“), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart‘s This Love is F*cking Right (obvious from the video), Jens Lekman‘s A Postcard to Nina (“Nina, I can be your boyfriend so you can stay with your girlfriend“),  The Hidden Cameras‘ Ban Marriage (“…met my angel in a suit with a smile, and as I looked him in the eye…”), The Magnetic Fields‘ Long-Forgotten Fairytale (“there’s an old enchanted castle and the princess there is me“) till The Stone Roses‘ Sally Cinnamon (“you’re her world”). And we also played two local acts that will play on Outerbeat on Stage next Tuesday, Lazy Room and Angina.

Popcast#20 by Outerbeat on Mixcloud