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Weekly POPcast #40, New Releases

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A brand new month means two things: (1) getting one month older and (2) a “new release” edition on Outerbeat. As usual, every first week of the month we play the finest new releases from all over the globe.

From the North American region we’ve got Dum Dum Girls (a band with Vaseline-inspired moniker who just released He Gets Me High on Subpop), Young Prisms (who just released the surf-tinged album Friends for Now on Kanine), the husband-and-wife duo Tennis, and three bands from the Big Apple in particular: Vivian Girls (whose album Share the Joy –named after an obscure 60s movie soundtrack– can be pre-ordered at Polyvinyl’s website), Dream Diary (just released You Are the Beat on Kanine), and Beach Fossils (to release What a Pleasure EP soon this month).

From Europe we’ve got The Raveonettes (to release their fifth album Raven in the Grave), My Little Pony — now known as Mylittlepony, which is way easier to Google ;D — who just released Making Marks on Spoon Train, and finally the world’s beloved Labradorian Acid House Kings with a track off their latest album Music Sounds Better with You.

From Asia, meanwhile, we’ve got Pagi Mentari, a new 90s pop revival band from Bandung, Indonesia and Texas Pandaa, the Japanese shoegaze pop act who will come to Yogyakarta, Indonesia this year (wink, nudge).


Weekly POPcast #25, Random Songs

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Sheggi of the Fat Tulips

Sheggi of the Fat Tulips

Yet another assortment of pop tunes from all over the world, this time featuring The Raveonettes (who just played a show in Indonesia recently), Fat Tulips, Bunny Grunt, The Legends, 800 Cherries, Rocketship, Clover and Felt Tips. Our friends from Ansaphone have been very nice to send us an exclusive single off their upcoming album, which will be released early next year.

We also played Smiths’ “The Boy with the Thorn in His Side” as a birthday surprise for our friend and mentor at Outerbeat, Dimas Widiarto. As our very own DJ Japra was still away at his hometown, stand-in DJ Ellie took over in the most amateurish and substandard way possible. Hope that won’t spoil your listening pleasure, though – so here’s the podcast for you guys to listen!

Popcast #25 > Raveonettes, Smiths, 800 Cherries, Felt Tips by Outerbeat on Mixcloud

Weekly POPcast #19, The Lucksmiths’ farewell single and other new releases

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“After 16 years The Lucksmiths called it a day last year and this 7″ single is their posthumous farewell.

Get-To-Bed Birds is the last song Marty Donald wrote for the band and for those with their eye on the ball they would have noted this track was previously released on The Matinée Grand Prix earlier this year.  However it’s worthy of a release on glorious vinyl such is it’s jangling charms and that oh so classic Lucksmiths sound which will be undoubtedly missed.” indie-mp3

This is our 19th transmission from Eltira 102.1 FM, transmitted on October 6th 2010. As our usual first week playlist, we played new release singles around the globe. This time we played The Lucksmiths‘ Get-to-Bed Birds, The Radio Dept‘s New Improved Hypocrisy, Bubblegum Lemonade‘s I Read in Heat She’s Wearing Meat and also a number of new singles from The Raveonettes, Amnesiac Syndrome, Twisterella, The Hope Slide, For Ex-Lovers Only and Belle and Sebastian respectively.

Just click the link below to listen to the podcast!

Popcast #19, Indiepop New Singles by Outerbeat on Mixcloud