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Weekly POPcast #28, Postcard Records

Posted in Podcast with tags , , , , on 10/12/2010 by Outerbeat

Orange Juice

Avoid eye contact at all costs
What can I do to see your fine teeth smiling at me

It has been said that beautiful things never last and boy, are they right. Postcard Records was everything beautiful in the realm of pop underground. It was a one-man stunt founded in Glasgow, Scotland (about 600 kilometers and a lifetime away from London, then the centre of the music industry), operating from a small apartment, signing young lads barely out of their teens given to wit and lackadaisical abandon, and publishing zines to go with the releases — nearly a decade before Sarah. And it only lasted 2 years and 15 singles.

This week’s Outerbeat was dedicated as a homage to Postcard Records. We played Postcard bands Aztec Camera, Orange Juice, Josef K, The Go-Betweens, as well as a local band with hints of Aztec Camera influence Me and the Dirty Girl, and a fresh indiepop outfit by the name of Pop at Summer.

Popcast #28 > Postcard Records Special by Outerbeat on Mixcloud