Weekly POPcast #24, Party Hard: A Pulp Special

I want you (it doesn’t hurt to say I want you)
I need you (I never thought I’d say I need you)
I’ll keep you, oh yes I’ll keep you
And I’ll throw myself away, away, away
And I’ll break you because I lose myself inside you
I’ll make you fit in the space that I provide you
I’ll take you
Oh yes, I’ll take you just to push you far away, away, away
Yes you’re all, yes you’re all that I ever desire
Still I’ll kill you in the end
When it seems that it’s getting too soft
When you lapse into a friend



As a nod (a huge, enthusiastic one at that) to the band’s recent announcement to break out of their “indefinite hiatus,” this week’s Outerbeat was dedicated to the flamboyant Sheffield group Pulp.

In this show you could hear eight songs off a number of their albums, from Freaks to We Love Life, bits of Pulp-related trivia and the inevitable discussion on voyeurism and sex, which was fortunately cut short when some of our mates texted in to request songs!

In addition, we also played two songs by two Indonesian bands, respectively Jakarta’s Molenvliet and Yogyakarta’s Gelas Plastik, both of whom have cited Pulp as one of their greatest influence.

Hence – the podcast. Enjoy.

Popcast #24 > A Pulp Special by Outerbeat on Mixcloud


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